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About Me


     Location: Rowlett, Texas (A suburb of Dallas) 


     Name: Amber Hayes ("Mrs. Amber" ;-) )


     Age: 25


     Family: I have been married to my wonderful husband, Charles for 5 years this June.  I also have 2 cats, Maya and Lexy, who are like children to us ;-)  I am the daughter of a music teacher and my dad has worked for AT&T (even back when it was SW Bell) for 30 years.  I have one sister and one brother- I am the oldest of the 3!


     Hobbies: I LOVE photography, scrapbooking, singing, reading, writing, web design, cooking/ baking, of course teaching and ANYTHING crafty or creative!


     Career: I always loved working with children- even at the younger age of 12, I worked in our church nursery and in children's church.  I have worked as a nanny, children's church teacher and director, and after school care program director.  In 2008 I was awarded a Specialized Degree In Early Childhood Education/ Administration and am currently working as a K-3 preschool teacher!


     I love working with children and make it my goal to come up with activities for all age groups and different types of learners!


     What is your philosophy in Education? I believe in promoting discovery and growth in the areas of cognitive, physical and creative development of children, and especially preschoolers.  Balance between planned, lesson-based learning and play should always be a goal!  Play IS learning- It fosters growth in dramatic play, imagination, social interaction and cooperation.  I believe that EACH CHILD learns at their OWN rate and any teacher/ program should strive to meet the child on their own level.  I also feel that teachers should ultimately serve as participators in their students' learning and that offering exciting and intersting activities, ideas, and learning opportunities can truly make the difference in a child's learning!



How did the "Gems" Website get started?  Two years ago (2007), I started the website as a college exam project to help other teachers.  I got so much response and positive feedback about the site that I had to keep it going!


I used the project pitch as an avenue to create a website with various resources (“Gems” as I call them) for teachers of all ages!  As a Child Development / preschool teacher, I know how hard and time consuming it is to search for hours on the internet for  activity ideas, themes, different learning opportunities, etc.- so I have created a place where teachers can find all of these things at once!


   Who designs the website? Me! (Amber)


Where do you get the designs? I have picked up different design elements of the website from many different arenas.  If I see a pattern or background I like, I try to reproduce it or scan it.  If I can't find anything I really like, I always rely on "google" by searching for "backgrounds" and copying and pasting ones I like.  Then I pair them together, layer them, etc.  My favorite way to find good backgrounds, designs, elements, etc. is to download free digital scrapbooking kits. 


I got many of the ideas for designs and elements from this "REDESIGN" of the "GEMS" site from an AMAZING new website I found:  Check it out!


     Where do you get the themes and activity ideas? I come up with most of them on my own or use ideas I have seen other teachers use and cater them to my own group of kids...I also gather ideas from the web and books!  The themes were all designed by me and are weekly themes that I have used in my own preschool class!


     Do you have photos of all the activities? Many of the activities I have included in the "theme and activities" section of the website can be seen in the "GALLERIES" Page of the website. 

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