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File Folder Games are great when space is limited.  They are really easy to store, fun for kids and promote fine motor skills as well as different developmental skills! 
The kids in my program LOVE them and I have created the games for different ages and skill levels as well!  The templates for these folder games were all created by me and can be bought on the "Gems" File Folder CD for only $5.00!



Road Sign Shapes


My Healthy Home


Bubble Bath Math


Watch it Grow


Clothesline Scramble


Milk Jug Measuring


Safety Job Match-Up


Fire Safety Sequencing


Food Group Jumble 


The goal of this file folder game is for the child to count out the number of apples that belong in each shopping cart correctly.  The carts can be organized as shown in order or mixed up for older children! 
Kids love this folder game!

The focus of this folder game is shapes- It includes a theme of road signs which are items that children see everyday out the window!  This creates a memory connection between the shape they are learning and something they can apply to their everyday lives! 
This game is great for preschoolers!
The purpose of this file folder game is to help children recognize and classify items- This particular folderuses a "home" where the child is supposed to correctly place the items in the correct room of the house! 
It's interesting and fun for preschoolers and up!

The game promotes simple Math and counting skills in a rub-a-dub-dub way!  The purpose is to have the child match the spot with an amount of bubbles to the correctly labeled bathtub.  It's bubbly fun for preschoolers and can be altered for older ones too!
This folder Activity's goal is to promote skills in sequencing.  With a "tell me a story" theme, the child is given "story cards" and are asked to put them in order of the story's happenings- in this case it is of a tree growing from a seed to a huge oak! 

The theme of this folder game is matching!  The children are shown 5 shirts with patterns on a clothesline and are given 5 matching pairs of shorts to match to the shirts!  It is colorful, fun and promotes matching skills and pattern recognition!

Help the kids in your class have fun learning quantities and amounts as well as sequencing!   Milk and milkjugs are common items that children come in contact with every day and they are given 4 photos of milkjugs full with different amounts of milk in them and are supposed to put them in order from the least amount to the most!

This fun activity has a theme of "community helpers" and "safety jobs"!  The goal is for the child to correctly associate and place the correct "item" with the matching "job", i.e.- The stop sign with the crossing guard.  It is fun and teaches the child about community helpers/ safety jobs and association!

This File Folder Game teaches preschoolers and elementary aged children the important steps of fire safety: Recognizing a fire, Stop, Drop and Roll!  The child is given the task of sequencing the four steps in order!

The Food Group Jumble teaches elementary aged children the importance of balance and nutrition.  Children are given many "pieces" of food and given the job of correctly classifying the food items in the right food group!  This file game is educational and a fun challenge!

All of the above File Folder Games templates and pieces are available on a "Gems" File Folder CD!
ALL 10 File Folder Games are INCLUDED on this CD for only $5.00! 
See the "Place Orders" page for more details!

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